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Birds eyeview of one of our completed project.jpg

Kainga Ora
Brookefiled Ave, Auckland NZ

Our HRC Team was called into quick action to take over a previous contractor. Our scope of work was scope of work was simple and that was to get the job done. We took over the rest of the hard landscaping which entailed fencing, permeable paving, concrete footpaths to specialized concrete stairs. This project also allowed us to make up time by getting creative with working hours and still fit in with building consents and keep neighbours happy with noise levels. This project was nominated as finalists  for architect and building awards. We are proud to have worked this project. 

Birds eyeview of one of our completed project.jpg
Permeable pavers .jpg
Fencing, Key Stone retaining wall, Footpath, Stairs, Planting.jpg
Stained Fencing, Footpath, Pavers, Keystone retaining etc.jpg
Pavers and Stairs - Concrete Pour (Special).jpg
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