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What We Do

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Construction Manager


Needing permanent staff? We can help you.

Our core belief is that every business needs reliable, experienced and certified staff.
At Heart we believe that your organisation’s vision is always top of mind when sourcing potential candidates. All potential candidates are screened thoroughly through our rigorous screening process to ensure your business' best interest's are kept at Heart.
If you are looking to source a vacancy, trust us. Your organisation will not only save valuable time, but also hard earned money!

Crawler excavator front view digging on


Send us details of the job you need pricing for & we will be in touch with you shortly.

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The Roots

We are a small family owned business based in West Auckland-the place we call home.

After years of raising a young family and working the usual grind, there was a vision to do more and break out of the "norm".

Combining the diverse range of previous work experience in areas such as education, human resources and civil construction (not to mention the rogue business paper), Heart Recruitment & Civil Ltd went from vision to reality, and was established in 2018.

Since then much has happened by way of divine blessing, appointments and also connections with the right people. These key elements strengthened by family support, has eventually led us this far into what we now know as the strange world of business. 

Our journey is still relatively young and although we don't look like the cartoon family pictured here, we are definitely going places!

In terms of business delivery (the important part for you) the one thing we can promise you is this; we love what we do & we work hard to put our hands to the plough and do it well. Guaranteed.

So with the promises and guarantees out of the way, all we can hope for is that you will trust us with your next contract, staffing or project requirements!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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